Vector Icon IV Sensor Ignition/Pink Blue Crackle

Vecktor KGM
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The Icon-IV symbolizes finesse and elegance. Its wide flat flame allows for a gentler burn. Similar to the Icon-I, the Icon-IV also features a sensor ignition button and a flame height adjuster located on the bottom of the lighter. Serrated air vents on the backside of the Icon-IV allow for rapid cooling post-ignition and a clear view gas tank will signal your fuel levels.

Designed to redefine the boundaries of a lighter, the ICON series is Vector’s flagship product line. These lighters house the same flame capabilities as jet torch lighters, but with additional features: led touch-screen ignition button, digital battery life display, and USB charging. Every Vector ICON lighter body is crafted from an interfusion of high-quality metal alloys, and accentuated with laser-engraved finishes. Vector’s ICON lighter series represents the pinnacle of lighter engineering.